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Instructions on How to write a Novel in Three Act Structure.

Among the things that have been in existence for decades now is the storytelling. As the novel and screenwriters increase, there are different ways they can use to make sure that their writing needs are taken care of. You should note that some of this structures which are being used today although they would have been invented in those old days. Numerous authors have used three act structure since this is one of the most common formats in existence today. One of the writing strategies being used by novelist as well as the screenwriters is the use of the three act structure of writing.

Having a beginning, middle as well as the end has been the notion, and this is where three act structure comes to action. Once you have the three stages of a story, beginning, middle as well as the end, you are assured that implementing the three act structure will enable you to get the explanation of what should be done in each stage. As you begin off with your writing journey, you ought to ensure that you read more to learn more about three act structure. As an author, it is a high time that you invest your time to learn how to use these three act structure in your novel for you to get the attention of your readers and thus to boost the sales.

It is advisable that you read about act one, act two as well as act three as they are featured in the three act structure of writing the novels as well as the screenwriting. Act one is known as the set up stage, and this should never be left out at any given cost. You will be required to introduce all the major characters in your book whether you are a screenwriter or even a novelist. Also, you will be required to introduce the environment they live in as well as the conflict that will keep the story going on.

You must realize that three act structure will allow set your environment during the setting stage. Once you are done with act one, then you should realize that this will take you to act two where this is perceived to be the longest in any story. This is also known as the confrontation stage in any three act structure story. After a long confrontation, then the third act comes in as the final spot which is the third act better known as the resolution stage.

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