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The Best of Independence, Missouri

If you have your history right then you know that Independence is one of the largest cities you will find in the state of Missouri. Different circumstances will make people find themselves in the state of Missouri and if you are not in any rush then you should consider engaging in some activities to help give you a feel of the place better. This is a historical town and has a lot to offer to you, family and friends if you are visiting together. The first stop that you have to make especially with your children is the Harry S Truman, the city was home to President Truman ,you get to see the events surrounding the presidency , for you children there are stations that is designed to give your children a child’s way into what the presidency was like as well.

Your children are even allowed to play dress up and pretend to be Truman and they can make their own campaign buttons like those of the era. Luckily the museum has a website that you can visit so that you can check the prices and hours when its open for visitors so that you can make arrangements for when you make a visit. Make a stop at the National Frontier Trails Museum and get to see what the experience was like when the founding generation crossed the river as they headed west.

There are well preserved artifacts from the covered wagons to little notes by children in that age that really show you how far people have come in the way they got from one point to another . If you have brought your young ones along , you have to stop by the Puppetry Arts Institute in Independence , MO you get to create your own puppets and host a puppet show. You cannot get out of town without a treat and where else to do that than where Harry Truman had his first job. Walking in to the building you might not realize it but it has stood from the 1800s but has been serving treats since 1988.

Go online and look up Clinton’s Fountain’s website to have a look at their menu and get to see what they offer before you actually get there. Take a tour of the town on a wagon as the tour operator gives a you a history of Independence ,MO, and who better to give it to you than a local who has spent most of their lives here. Some of the things you get to learn through narration you will never see on books and that gives a you complete experience. Go online and check out the different websites that will offer the different tour packages and their pricing so that you can make bookings and see what they all have to offer before you can make plans to come and see this great city.

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