What Mattresses Accommodate College Students?

When furnishing a dorm room, parents know all too well that the right mattress is a necessity for their college student. The mattresses determine how well the college student will sleep. While attending college, the student must get a great night’s sleep to stay focused on their studies. Manufacturers provide a full range of mattress designs and firmness levels.

Stain Resistant Mattresses

College students are more likely to cause mattress damage due to spills than any other reason. For this reason, parents should consider which mattresses present the damage. Stain resistant mattresses are often waterproof and stop spills on the surface of the mattress. The right mattress allows the college student to clean up the spill quickly with a cloth.

Cooling Gel Mattresses

Staying cool and comfortable is necessary for college students. They will spend hours studying and attending classes. The last thing the college students need is to become uncomfortable when sleeping due to temperature changes. Memory foam mattresses are a popular selection among college students. However, without the cooling gel, the mattress won’t keep them cool.

Choosing a Mattress for Their Sleeping Position

The parent must consider their college student’s sleep position when choosing a mattress. It is their sleep position that dictates which mattress is right for them and could affect how well they rest. For example, students who sleep on their back more often need a mattress that keeps their spin in proper alignment. A medium firm mattress is the right selection for back sleepers.

What is the Student’s Preferred Comfort Level?

The student’s preferred comfort level could also play a role in their mattress selection. Firmness levels could affect how well the student sleeps. If the mattress is too firm, it could become uncomfortable and trigger pressure points. It could also apply too much pressure on their joints. Parents should get their student to try out the mattress before they make a final purchase.

Parents who are gearing up to send their teens to college must find the best mattress selections for their students. The mattress selection determines if the student remains comfortable while they sleep and could prevent unnecessary pain and pressure. Parents who want to review the latest models can click here to read about their options today.