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Wood waste is the portion of the wood including pruned branches, stumps from the streets and park maintenance. The other places where one can find wood waste including any construction site and during clearing of demolitions. It is therefore important to dispose the wood waste properly from the unwanted sites to prevent catastrophic events and any unwanted calamities that may arise from the waste. Woods that are treated with chemicals to prevent them from insect invasion might call for specialized disposal methods whenever they fall under the wood waste. Other markets are available for the wood waste and therefore special attention should be given to how the wood waste is disposed of.

Various forms of fuels including solid, liquid and gas fuel can be extracted from the wood waste that has been disposed of. Saw dust can be transformed into solid fuel as this aims at reducing the moisture content and reducing the transportation cost. Various local outlets can sell the briquettes that are gotten from the saw dust through the individual factory gates. The feasibility of the briquettes normally depends on the market conditions locally and the quantity of the products.

Where wood cuts are generated in high volumes and people do forestry,wood chips can be generated. Low returns are greatly insignificant especially in the case where wood waste is used to produce charcoal as they are also a source of income and employment. One of the great uses of the wood waste can be the biomass on-site energy generation as it enables users to produce heat, power and cooling whenever required. During winter, wood waste can be used to save on fuel bills and disposal avoided during summer when they are used for heat generation and incineration.

Burning some small portion of the wood waste to warm the house benefits the tenant and also is environmentally friendly. Heat can be generated in large scale from the wood waste and transported to neighboring business where it is needed. The heat supplied to the various business thus becomes a commodity and can be used to generate income in return. When sophisticated equipment is available, the wood waste can be used to for power and heat generation for small scale schemes. The soil can be enriched by nutrients when the wood waste is added to a compost manure as a result of it not being useful as a building material.

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