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Crucial Ways in Which You Can Scam a Scammer

If someone has tried to scam you in whatever way, you can as well try to flip the script and scam the scammer. To scam the individual that is trying to scam you, consider the following critical things.

One of the critical guides for scamming a scammer is by giving him or her access to a virtual machine. A perfect example of being scammed is whereby you are called by a particular person that claims to be from Microsoft, suggesting that your computer has been hacked, thus, asking you to install something like TeamViewer to give them to the system of your computer.

The most significant way to respond to this kind of scam is by their time as possible. To waste the time of then scammer, setting up a virtual machine on your computer is the solution for that. A computer that is emulated within your computer is usually referred to as a virtual machine. It is not possible for a scammer to obtain your real computer if he or she can access your virtual machine.

Another thing you can do to scam a scammer is by wasting their time with an AI Bot. Also get creative with scammers. When you want to get a hold of a scammer, you can make use of characters that are not real. If you are interested in stringing a scammer, it is wise for you to have some fake identities. Come up with fake personas after setting up email accounts. The information you use should be strictly not for someone and should not be real.

When giving you address, it is wise to ensure that it is reasonable, however it is not supposed to be real. You can use a street that is known for example but with a number that is not real. For you to achieve maximum entertainment, the personas are supposed to be teetering on the edge of believability. The more you have fake identities, the longer you will keep the scammer wasting their time. You are supposed not to use information that could come to you conceivably.

The other thing you are required to do is to ask them to take a trip. For you to waste the time of the scammers, it would be prudent to ask them to go into a meeting that does not exist. Bonus point is given if the location is a place that is hard to trace. By coming up with a situation that is convincing, you can convince a scammer even though without giving them money, it might be a challenge. You can now tell them the truth after they have arrived at the place.