Why No One Talks About Anymore

What is the Police Brutality and What Steps Should You Take Once It Happens?

Public speaking is very good and when you are one time or another you may be randomly be called to speak on certain issues especially social issues, you will need to have information since a lot of people will be listening.

Police officers are entitled and trusted to provide law and order, they are government agents who are responsible for maintaining peace however sometimes they will break these principles and endanger the people’s lives by being brutal and they end up abusing their rights and powers.

At times you may find some of the police officers are misusing their power and trust and are using unnecessary force that what is required , if that happens you will need to take measures and file for police brutality, because the situation can escalate and be lethal and dangerous.

Police misconduct is the inappropriate action done by a police officer and the law enforcement people and this covers a huge activity like coerced confessions, witness tampering, false imprisonment and tampering with evidence it is a form of the police misconduct and it is always shocking when it comes from a law officer.

The most common way a police will be brutal is through physical and will use unnecessary force in a situation and this is the easiest which one can witness and report by use of pepper sprays, batons and teasers.

Police brutality and harassment is also experienced in other forms like verbal abuse, false arrests, sexual abuse, police discrimination, psychological intimidation, police corruption and political repression.

According to the Journal of the Policing Society it was found out the police officers will not report when there is an incident that is touching on brutality and will tend to have the silence code, and this has contributed on many police officers opting to keep quiet rather than reporting.

For many years people have been recording and complaining of the police brutality and the American Press found out the term has been used since 1872 when in the Chicago Tribune someone reported to have been brutally beaten by the police and then arrested, but this term has been the order of the day in the 19th century.

Lately, because of the numerous cases of police brutality, the media has been in the forefront to report and advocate for the end to police brutality, you will find most of the media station are opting to educate the people on what to do and where to report in case such things happen.