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How The Injuries Happen

Normal situations such as sports and others may cause injuries to people. The uncommon results for the injuries that are experienced by different people at different situations makes them weird There are various injuries that seem difficult to forget about Traumatic brain is an injury that is caused by standard car accidents when the vehicles crash When you are involved in a car accident the modern safety standards that are on that car will prevent you from any serious harm

Traumatic brain injuries can lead to the death of people who do not go for check up just after walking away from a standard car accident. There is need to go and seek help when the chance comes, when you get in an auto accident Another ironical injury that has happened is that of David Beckham getting the boot which he suffered in back then in the year 2003 The injury that Beckham suffered as a result of his furious coach who threw a boot which split his eyebrow When Steve Sparks involved himself into a fight with a phone it ended up dislocating his shoulder. In freaking of events as Sparks was trying to rip a phone book into half he ended up dislocating his shoulder during the offseason.

It is ironic how loving apples resulted to Derrick slicing his hand after he slept on the knife he used to cut the apples he used to eat each and every night before bed caused him tragedy. Playing too much of guitar led to the injury of Joel when his hands were injured and that became ironic because he was a guitar hero. None of the other pitchers were harmed on their hands for playing guitar for that playoff run they had except Joel which was very ironic Kendry broke his ankle as he was jumping into the air to stomp home plate upon rounding the bases

Also there is another weird injury that happened to Turk Edwards who was playing football but could never play again because his cleat got stuck in swiveling and after swiveling he twisted and his knee was ruined In addition there is the most ignored and common high five that is painful which is one of the weird injuries Impacting a lot of force when high fiving with one another between two individuals which people do not talk a boot leads to dislocation of shoulders Finally there is another weird injury that is experienced by a woman who does not differentiate between super glue and eye drop bottles thereby ending up dropping super glue into her eyeballs which glued her eyes