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13 Realities That You Must Know About the Us Army

The mention of the United States military force comes with different feeling depending with who is listening. The great effects of the military in the US is experienced by the people that have suffered the loss of their loved one who joined the military. There is much of mystery in this military that’s sparks questions when the young people share worth the parents of their desire to join the military force. For you to know more about the nature of the US military we must make sure that we understand the more on the part of the military. If you concentrate with this post to the end you will realize the 13 facts about the military.

The army is older than the United States. The army was to be formed in 1775 by George Washington to fight for the freedom from Great Britain which was achieved in 1776. This clearly tells you that the army came before the United States.

The army has provided jobs to many people. In ranking, the army has employed many people than any other organization except the Walmart.

Then, an army isn’t the most eco-friendly. The corporation has a lot of operations to take care of which makes them spend much fuel on their daily business using the heavy machines hence becoming an eco-friendly corporation.

Many former US presidents started in the army. George Washington, W. H. Bush, and Theodore Roosevelt are some of the many US former presidents that passed through the US army.

The US army owns a lot of lands. The US army has large pieces of land that if brought together would lead to 24000 square miles.

The number of military dogs is very high. Many dogs have been absorbed in the military army to reinforce the human beings in the army.

There is a special group for training dogs. it’s then obvious that there is a group meant to prepare the new dogs to ensure they are fit for the services.

Even women are in the US army. Women are also not left behind when it comes to the US army providing support to the army but in most case, there are given light duties.

There is high cases of PTSD and other mental disorders. Many soldiers have been affected with the PTSD or other mental disorders because the conditions and situations they are exposed to.

Orphan cases are unavoidable. In a time of war children turns to be partial orphans or total orphans in case their soldier parents become victims of war.

The spouses that lost their loved ones have experienced much pain. It’s not easy for a left spouse to take it easy when the partner is doing hard work.

The war causes the terrible experience for many families involved. The wars have great impact even on the larger family in case of a loss.

Because of the army outfits, we can appreciate Washington. Although the army has always tried to come up with something different, they have to bear with the old design of George Washington.