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Smarts Gifts to Brighten Your Friend’s Smile
It is not necessary to gift your friends with a huge weed during a special occasion. You can do so by buying them a gift in a pinch. The alternatives are many ranging from stoner gifts capable of tickling heightened senses to those products that can boost the user’s productivity. If you have no idea how this can be done click more on this site to discover more tips on what you can gift your friends.
The first idea is the use of lave lamp. This method of gifting dates back to the 1960s. These are great gifts for most people. A lamp that seems to have life on its own can be so entertaining. The lave a lamp takes them to another level when they are high. Besides these lave lamps are quite economical.
The second idea is to buy them a smell proof bag. It is the desire of a stoner to have a place where he or she can store his or her marijuana without having to stink the surrounding. The idea is great especially for those who travel with their weed since it will remain safely in their car or purse.
The next gift for them is a rolling tray. Those who stoner friends are free rollers you can let them throw away their cheap trash card. Gift him a quality rolling tray that is not only easy to clean but also to use. Since the stash tray is multipurpose very slow ones and the draw can wink and nudge.
Besides purchase them a stash can. This gives them the hilarious idea o storing the weed in soup. You can get stash accessories in the shops.
Next get them a marijuana-themed book. Th idea of coloring when high is great. It is more surprising to know that coloring books for those who have just smoked marijuana are plenty in the market. Ideally coloring calms your nerves, and you will love the idea.
You can gift him a portable grinder. The fact that you leave your grinder at home makes rolling away from home quite a challenge. Buying a portable grinder to your friend is a gift that they will always thank you for. Grinders are lost easily which means that no one can have more of them.
Give them marijuana literature. The literature enables them read more about cannabis and discover a number of facts that even specialist do not know.
Buy a “planet Earth” two. This is an ultimate watch for every stoner.
You also have the idea of giving the some Kush cards.
Lastly you can gift them a marijuana cookbook. Since cannabis treats are most delicious encourage him to not only smoke but also cook.