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The Option for Commercial Truck Financing

The truck financing as well as fleet financing often would boil down to one of a couple options. One thing is that you can actually purchase the truck that you want by way of a loan or through leasing the truck. This would vary on the size of the business that you have and also the location in order for you to find the most suitable choice to opt for. When you have to make your decision, this will have to depend on the tax accounting goals which you have, the outlook of the business and also the income. When the business is very stable with such good credit rating, then you will have a lot of truck financing opportunities. When you are only starting, then you may actually buy the first truck using your own money or you can get that small loan.

With the right lender of that commercial truck, then they can really finance the different used trucks that you want. The lender would generally prefer a loan of 75,000 dollars or probably less but will also consider a bit higher amount. The lender is going to look at a good position on every truck deal. Also, the downpayment or the value on trade-in would be 25 percent of the retail price.

Because this kind of lender source is one direct lender, they are going to evaluate every truck client on such case to case basis. Thus, they will be able to finance the trucks in situations wherein the finance companies or banks wouldn’t approve. When you find yourself in such burden by a negative situation, you may still get the financing that you need so that you can lease or buy the commercial truck that you want.

One great benefit when it comes to leasing or renting is that the time and the cost of such maintenance is shifted from you to the company leasing it. You must keep in mind that time is really money in any type of business and the time which is lost when the vehicle is receiving such routine maintenance or repair would mean a loss. The lease would often offer a replacement truck when you have your truck serviced and with this, you can save some money and you can also keep the customers’ goodwill.

There are also those leases which are able to provide those additional programs which are great for you like vehicle washing, emergency roadside service as well as the driver safety programs. You may check the leasing agreement thoroughly and carefully for these things and also the other conditions that can affect the lease’s quality.

There would be no limit to the type of truck that you can lease. This would have to depend on the business as well as the kind and number of commercial trucks which you also need.
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